The Best Instagram Snaps From Chiara Ferragni's Incredible Italian Wedding

Chiara Ferragni, Celebrity Wedding, Instagram
An inside look into one of the biggest weddings of the year

An honor

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My look for the first nights of #TheFerragnez ! The night before

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First night #TheFerragnez

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“When I was asked by Chiara to design the dresses for her bridesmaids, I immediately accepted and began thinking of way to make the project not only special, but unique. Glamour and fashion have always been attentive to the world surrounding us and the important causes that confront us daily, like being ethically sustainable. With the creation of the eco-sustainable gowns, we wanted to make an event as multimedia heavy and viral as Chiara and Fedez’s wedding not only a celebration of their love and union, but a message that communicates ethical beauty” The perfect bridesmaids at the wedding of the year wear custom made #AlbertaFerretti gowns made with sustainable fabrics in collaboration with @ecoage. #GreenCarpetChallenge #ChiaraFerragni #AFcelebrities

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The day before #TheFerragnez

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Auguri alla sposa #TheFerragnez

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#TheFerragnez night 1

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Chiara Ferragni, Celebrity Wedding, Instagram