Beyoncé's Social Media Posts Are Worth Over $1 Million

BY Alexandra Venison / Apr 5 2017 / 16:27 PM

Plus see the music video she created for her anniversary with Jay Z

Beyoncé's Social Media Posts Are Worth Over $1 Million

Move over the Kardashian’s, Beyoncé is officially the Queen when it comes to social media posts. Named as the most influential celebrity on Instagram by social media research from D’Marie Analytics, who looks at followers, click rate and engagement it is said that a single post is worth over Dhs3.5 million($1 million).

Following a recent report about the Kardashians earnings which saw Kim coming in top, raking in Dhs1.8million ($500,000) a post it just shows you just how strong the influential power is of Queen B. Although she may be only the 22nd most followed person on Instagram, Beyoncé does in fact hold the title for the most likes for her pregnancy announcement which was double tapped over 10.8 million times.

Coming in second saw Selena Gomez earn over Dhs2.8 million ($775,000) per post, even though she comes in as the most followed person on Instagram. Explaining just how Beyoncé is managing to dominate the social media scene, chief executive of D’Marie, Frank Spadafora said in an interview with Moneylsh, “Her limited release of exclusive, curated content… causes such frenzy from her audience. These days, less really is more.”

Showing the rest of the social media world just how it’s done, Beyonce also just posted up a heartfelt video featuring never before seen clips of her family celebrating her 9th anniversary with rapper husband Jay Z across her platforms. The track ‘Die With You’ which was released back in 2015 plays in the background with the full video available on Tidal, alongside a personalised playlist for Jay Z entitled “IV Ever Ever.’ 


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