Gigi Hadid Was Once A Backup Singer

BY Maddison Glendinning / Nov 20 2016 / 15:29 PM

Yep, you read that right

Gigi Hadid Was Once A Backup Singer
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Gigi Hadid is a woman of many talents - model, awards show host, designer, boxing expert, beauty blogger and the list goes on - and now the 21-year old model has revealed another hidden talent. 
Over the weekend, a keen Gigi fan went back through the model's Twitter feed and discovered several tweets from 2014 between her and singer Josh Groban and unearthed the fact that Gigi had been a backup singer on Josh's 2007 Christmas album. 
The model appears on not one, but two, tracks on the album (which was produced by her stepfather David Foster). Cosmopolitan Australia pointed out, Gigi can clearly be heard at the 1:13 mark on Little Drummer Boy, and whilst her voice is harder to hear in I'll Be Home For Christmas, she does do a family shoutout at four minutes to her whole family.
Is there anything she cannot do? We don't think so.