Interview: Hadia Ghaleb Talks Inspiring Young Women, Having One Million Instagram Followers And Finding A Work-Personal Life Balance

Hadia Ghaleb, My Fabulous Me, E! Reality TV, Reality Show, OSN
Hadia Ghaleb
“Work hard, pursue your dreams, don’t let anyone bring you down”

24-year old Hadia Ghaleb is the face of E!’s newest reality TV series My Fabulous Me (MFM). We catch up with the fashion influencer to find out about life after the show.

Harper's Bazaar Arabia: You’re one of the youngest stars on MFM, how do you think you will influence young girls watching?
Hadia Ghaleb: I want to be a positive influence on any girls or women watching the show. I want the show to give people confidence and show them that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, all you need is good work ethic, a positive attitude and discipline.

HBA: What is the ultimate message you want to put across when people are watching you on the show?
HG: Work hard, pursue your dreams, don’t let people bring you down and don’t take shortcuts!

HBA: You have nearly one million followers on Instagram, do you find it hard to keep your private life and business life separate?
HG: Yes, it’s been 4 years since I started building my fashion empire and I haven’t had a proper break. Between running my company and my public profile, I’m booked up 24/7. My fiancé likes to keep a low profile, which makes this a bit harder when you’re in the spotlight so much, but I try to find a balance. 

HBA: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to young girls on how to deal with haters online?
HG: Cyber bullying is fueled by jealousy, so just brush it off, ignore it and always look ahead.

HBA: What is one fashion rule you live by?
HG: Fashion is a way of self-expression. Never hold back and don’t worry what other people will say; your style is yours and no one else’s!

HBA: Who is your favourite Middle Eastern designer?
HG: It’s so hard to choose just one. My style is always changing, so I’m always lusting over a new designer, but if I had to pick, my favourites at the moment are Madiyah Al Sharqi and Lama Jouni.

HBA: Where do you see yourself in five years?
HG: I hope to be healthy, happy, successful and surrounded by my family and closest friends.

My Fabulous Me aired exclusively on E! OSN. 


Hadia Ghaleb, My Fabulous Me, E! Reality TV, Reality Show, OSN
Hadia Ghaleb