Jennifer Aniston Responds To Her Fashion Faux Pas

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Dec 10 2016 / 22:22 PM

"I didn't realise!"

Jennifer Aniston Responds To Her Fashion Faux Pas
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Earlier this month, Jennifer Aniston got everyone talking when pictures emerged of her making something of a fashion faux pas. The actress forgot to remove a price tag from the Céline jacket she wore to the Office Christmas Party film premiere in New York.

Image: Rex

Unbeknown to the actress, the outfit choice went viral after photographers caught a glimpse of the attached price tag at the event – which she was later confronted about when appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

When the host showed Aniston the photograph of herself wearing the outfit in question she laughed, saying: "I look like something horrible happened to me."

She went on to explain: "I wore that coat at least four times... I wore it home and I didn't realise."

Kimmel then jokingly accused the actress of stealing the jacket to which she responded, "No! Never!", before then recounting the time she did actually steal something as a teenager.

Watch the interview below: