Kanye Sends Kim Entire Flower Chandeliers For Her Birthday

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Oct 21 2018 / 17:21 PM

In typical Kanye fashion, he does the most for Kim's b-day

Kanye Sends Kim Entire Flower Chandeliers For Her Birthday

Another year, another unexpected and over-the-top gift on Kim Kardashian West's birthday. Even if he's completely missing the point when it comes to politics, Kanye would certainly never miss his wife's birthday. She posted on Insta stories about the massive floral chandliers (living art installations? flower disco balls?) that she found in their living room the day before her birthday, writing "Kanye is the most creative when it comes to sending flowers for my birthday!"

The massive pink-and-purple arrangements were strung around the near-empty room, accompanied by a private piano performance orchestrated by Ye. "Love you so much babe," was her reaction to the elaborate birthday setup, as she recorded it from various angles to show off on social media.

Kanye posted his own explanation of the flowers on Twitter, writing "@KimKardashian, you're stunning, I will keep trying to make things that can express how beautiful you are inside and out and how much I love you and our family." Meanwhile, their 5-year-old daughter North happily danced around while the pianist played.

Although he did technically gift it to her the day before her birthday, we can only imagine what's coming day-of.