Kylie Jenner's Daughter Stormi Has a Casual Shoe Collection Worth Over $22,000 Already

BY Dusty Baxter-Wright / Jul 5 2018 / 13:22 PM

And she can't even walk yet.

Kylie Jenner's Daughter Stormi Has a Casual Shoe Collection Worth Over $22,000 Already

If you need another reason to submit your "please adopt me" form to Keeping Up With The Kardashians, look no further than Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi Webster's shoe collection.

She genuinely owns more shoes than we have seen in our entire lives. AND SHE CAN'T EVEN WALK YET.

MailOnline reports that the shoes cost around $22,000, including the likes of $1,000 Giuseppe Zanotti's, $275 Gucci flats, and $50 Nike Air Force 1's.

"Stormi can finally fit into some of her sneakers," Kylie says in the voiceover. "So, I'm about to see if she likes shoes. Too cute."

Kylie welcomed her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott at the beginning of this year, and though Kylie did share a number of photos of their newborn with the world, she later deleted them all, and told a fan she was "not sharing photos of my girl right now."

Our little rager !!!!

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An insider at People said it was because nasty comments had been made about Kylie's daughter, commenting:

"She couldn’t wait to show off Stormi to her fans. She posted pictures, because she was so excited to be a mum. Unfortunately, social media is a crazy place. People have been making nasty comments. Kylie is shocked and doesn’t want her daughter’s pictures to be a part of something negative. She might reconsider in the future, but for now, she won’t post any more photos of Stormi’s face."

But Stormi's shoe closet isn't off limits, so we can all spend the day feeling envious of a baby's shoes.

Via Harper's Bazaar US