5 Of Mai Omar's Most Relatable Instagrams

BY Tally Sargent / Apr 2 2019 / 14:47 PM

The Egyptian actress and mother of one is totally on our level

5 Of Mai Omar's Most Relatable Instagrams

With the first episode of her Ramadan TV show Weld El Ghalaba airing next month, BAZAAR took to Instagram to show you a few of April Cover Star, Mai Omar's most entertaining posts.

Posting everything from casual lift-selfies to expressing how she used to hate coffee, Omar's pics on the 'gram are some of the most down to earth and relatable around. Scroll down to have a look at what we found. 

1. She can't resist a pun

Move over dad jokes...! Like the rest of us, Mai Omar’s always partial to a cheesy Insta caption. Case in point? Her snapshot with her daughter Taya, captioned “strolling around”. If this doesn't prove that she is taking her role as an embarrassing-mother seriously, we don't know what does! 

Strolling around

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2. She loves a lift selfie

If you went for a night on the town and didn't take a OOTD shoft in your elavator, did you even go out?

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3. Her coffee appreciation post is basically us. Every. Morning.

Whether you enjoy it or not now, Mai exposes that hardly anyone is a born lover of the caffeinated cuppa, but once you start you just. Can’t. Stop.

From "I hate coffee" to a morning coffee addict

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4. She enjoys eating junk food on the sofa in her PJs

Given, we might not look exactly like Mai Omar when we’re sat on the sofa with our most fashionable messy-bun-dressing-gown -combo whilst tucking into a good book and also a doughnut (or five…). But Mai’s tribute to all us couch-dwellers is one that is truly relatable. We applaud you Mai, for your appreciation for all that is comfort-wear.

5. At the end of the day, most of it comes down to a glam squad...

Pretty as a picture, Mai Omar posted a pic of a pic (snapception?) writing, “You know your selfie is gonna look so good when @dinaragheb is your makeup artist." A sentiment that made us feel slightly better knowing it takes a professional to look that good. 

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