Shanina Shaik Tells Us The Best Way To Set Your Intentions For The New Year

BY Olivia Phillips / Dec 25 2019 / 03:20 AM

How to make 2020 the best year yet? We asked our January cover star, Shanina Shaik, whose way of intention-setting for the New Year we'll be commandeering for ourselves...

Shanina Shaik Tells Us The Best Way To Set Your Intentions For The New Year
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“Someone told me that when you turn 28, that’s the return of Saturn,” Shanina Shaik explains of an astrological phenomenon that most of us live through twice; when the planet Saturn returns to the same point in the sky that it was when you were born.

“Everything in your life just shifts and transitions. You truly come into adulthood. I feel like everything has started happening for me now – it’s like the second chapter of my life.”

And what does that chapter hold, exactly? As we head into not only a new year but a new decade, what intentions is she setting? “I think a big part of my career is going to change, as well as how people see me on social media – I want everyone to have more of an insight into my personal life. But I’m also looking into starting my own business. It will be a health and beauty product under my name that I can share with everybody,” she smiles.

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“Every year for the past four years, I’ve written a letter to myself just before New Year’s Eve that is an entire summary of the past 12 months. All the things that were negative and didn’t work out for me, all the positive things too, and what I want to change for the year ahead. It’s so funny when you look back and see how much you’ve grown. You learn so much about yourself and the things that you want,” Shanina says earnestly. “I really do believe that we should all dream big,” she smiles. “It’s good for the soul."

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