This Is How Much Kevin Hart Is Actually Worth

BY Kasia Truscott / Oct 29 2019 / 15:25 PM

The comedian's net worth will make your jaw drop

This Is How Much Kevin Hart Is Actually Worth

As a comedian, actor, producer and spokesperson, Kevin Hart has been laughing his way into our hearts ever since he made his first big break in Hollywood's comedy scene back in 2009, with Comedy Central's special, I'm a Grown Little Man. Now, Hart has become one of the most distinctive faces in comedy around the world -  but how much is the star really worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hart's net worth, as of 2019, is currently estimated at $200 million (approximately Dhs735 million), making him one of the highest paid comedians in the world.

Between August 2015 and August 2016, Hart earned over $90 million (approximately Dhs331 million) from touring, film cameos, merchandise, product endorsements and more. Some of his most notable film appearances during this period included Central Intelligence with Dwayne Johnson, and Ride Along 2, where Hart starred alongside fellow comedian and jack-of-all-trades, Ice Cube. 

Between June 2017 and June 2018, Hart made around $60 million (approximately Dhs220 million). The comedian rolled in another $60 million between June 2018 and June 2019. 

All in all, Hart has starred in over 40 feature films and dozens of individual television shows. In 2018, he also launched his own comedy streaming service called Laugh Out Loud, further adding to his extensive career portfolio.

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As one of the leading faces of comedy, who never fails to have his audience crying with laughter, and the net worth to match, it's no wonder why he's always got a smile on his face.