HE Noura Al Kaabi: Emirati Women Have Helped Shift Gender-Role Perceptions

BY Kyli Singh / Aug 27 2017 / 20:55 PM

Happy Emirati Women's Day!

HE Noura Al Kaabi: Emirati Women Have Helped Shift Gender-Role Perceptions
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In honor of the third annual Emirati Women's Day, Her Excellency Noura Al Kaabi wrote a special blog post with an important message on women empowerment. Her blog recognizes the contributions Emirati women have made to the community.

“The UAE has made tremendous progress when it comes to showcasing female leaders, and through continued dedication, Emirati women have pushed boundaries and reached new heights,” wrote the UAE Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs. 

HE says Emirati women have worked very hard to achieve their goals. “They persevered in the face of challenge and adversity, entering the workforce armed with passion and ambition. Most importantly, they took on the responsibility of inspiring other Emirati women by helping shift gender-role perceptions,” HE wrote.

From high-level government officials to CEOs of multinational retail groups to innovative workers in science, HE explains how women have taken on various leadership roles and how Emirati women blaze a trail. She urges women to follow their dreams and asked that women not be limited by their gender.

“In government, we have a number of female ministers and high-level officials. On the international front, we have role models acting as diplomats, ambassadors, and representatives at prevalent international organizations, including the UN. We have female CEOs in multinational retail groups and real estate companies. We also have innovative young females in science and technology as well as women in the security and defense sectors,” she wrote.

In 2015, she was the first woman from the Middle East and North Africa region to be chosen for LinkedIn’s Global Influencer Programme. 

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