Everything You Need To Know About The Flowers At The Royal Wedding

BY Carrie Goldberg / Apr 3 2018 / 16:05 PM

The couple is going traditional–with a twist

Everything You Need To Know About The Flowers At The Royal Wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may just be the most decisive couple when it comes to wedding planning. The two have narrowed down a venue,  Windsor Castle, taken their engagement photos, sent out their invitations–which means they've narrowed down their guest list–and rumor has it, the bride is coming close to deciding on her Maid of Honor. Harry and Meghan have chosen a cake designer (Claire Ptak of Violet Cakes will be making the couples lemon-elderflower wedding cake), and reportedly, Meghan has chosen which designer to work with on her dream gown. According to reporter Omid Scobie, she is already in fittings, having narrowed down the gown's look and feel with her chosen designer with help from her friend, bridal stylist Jessica Mulroney.

And so, it comes as no shock that the couple has also narrowed down which florist they'll work with for the big day as well as the bridal party's personal flowers, the floral décor at the reception to follow the ceremony, and the evening's more formal reception. Florist Philippa Craddock will be tasked with achieving the bride and groom's vision for their wedding day, reports CNN.

Per the report, Craddock plans to stay relatively traditional, but infuse romance and elegance into the look, sticking to seasonally appropriate blooms. Reports CNN, she'll stick to "white garden roses, peonies and foxgloves, as well as branches of beech, birch and hornbeam for the chapel's floral displays." Per Craddock's site, her work runs the gamut from classic floral design to inventive, moody and at times, edgier color palettes and floral installations. Given the royal family's love for flowers, many of the plants and blooms featured will be sourced from the royals own Crown Estate and Windsor Great Park.

Reports CNN, per Kensington Palace, Craddock plans to use plants and flowers that are in season and blooming naturally around the time of May 19. Craddock is no stranger to the stresses of royal and high-brow clientele. While self-taught, she has been in business nine years, and counts the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Hampton Court Palace, and designers Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior on her client roster. Her home base is her own flower shop, located as a shop in shop within Selfridge's.

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