How Much Will Harry And Meghan's Wedding Actually Cost?

Meghan Markle Prince Harry
*Spoiler alert* ... a lot

Weddings are expensive. Royal weddings, as you would expect, are in a different ballpark altogether. As British royal Prince Harry and his fiancé Meghan Markle plan to tie the knot, the world is anticipating all the details of their big day – from the flowers they will choose to how much they will spend.

Bridebook has run the numbers and *spoiler alert*, it’s a lot.

The estimate includes some things that are expected – wedding rings £6,000 (Dhs29,800) – so far, so normal. Then there’s the approximation of £90,000 (Dhs448,000) on trumpets and £300,000 (Dhs1.5 million) on a cake.

But the bulk of the budget is likely to go on security, which Bridebook reckons will set them back a whopping £30 million (Dhs149 million).

Here’s a breakdown of what their budget might look like.

Royal wedding budget


Meghan Markle Prince Harry