Royal Baby Names: What Are The Favourite Name Choices For William And Kate's Third Child?

BY Katie Frost / Apr 26 2018 / 13:57 PM

Here are the front-runners

Royal Baby Names: What Are The Favourite Name Choices For William And Kate's Third Child?

Ever since Kensington Palace announced the news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were expecting their third child, people have been speculating on what the new arrival might be called.

When it comes to the most popular, names with a royal precedent have been among the favourites. And now that the gender is known, the betting has been narrowed down to traditional boys' names which link royal past with present. So, what are the front-runners?

When it comes to boys' names, Arthur seems to be the favourite. This choice would follow the recent trend for "vintage" names making a resurgence. There are, of course, strong family links too. Arthur is a middle name for both Prince William and Prince Charles

The first of Prince George's middle names, so it's up for debate whether William and Kate will chose it again. Still, this name of Greek origin was given to three Scottish kings, not forgetting Alexander the Great, who is often referred to as one of the most influential people in history.

Another strong contender. This Germanic name, meaning 'noble' and 'bright', would pay tribute to Queen Victoria's husband.

James, Philip or Henry
Next up is James, which was the 12th most popular boys name in the UK in 2016. There have been two British kings with the name James - but it's also the name of Kate's brother, so is perhaps unlikely that she'll name her son after her own sibling. It's followed by Philip, with many predicting that Prince William will name his third child after his 96-year-old grandfather. Philip and Henry seem equally likely, which gives a nod to Prince Harry. It was the 15th most popular boys name in 2016, although Harry has recently been the most favoured of the two.

Frederick is a Germanic name said to mean 'peaceful ruler'. There have been several heirs to the throne with this name, and it has been the middle name of a few monarchs, including George V and George VI.

It's one of the most popular names for kings, but it's not among the favourites. The Queen chose it for her youngest son, Prince Edward, and as a middle name for her third child, Prince Andrew.

Daniel, David, Joseph, Matthew and Oliver are outside options.

Which one do you think it will be?

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