Are Skin And Hair Supplements Worth The Money?

BY Hana Barhoush Dalloul / Jun 25 2018 / 02:55 AM

An expert weighs in

Are Skin And Hair Supplements Worth The Money?

Skincare and haircare supplements seem to be popping up all over the beauty aisles. Many people are turning to them to help revive skin and hair from the inside out. The rationale is that glowing skin and healthy hair can be achieved by using vitamins and minerals that are difficult to get solely from a balanced diet. These supplements aim to provide essential vitamins and minerals to help boost your current skincare and haircare regimen - we all want that radiant glow.

Dr. Radmila Lukian, dermatologist, founder and director of Lucia Clinic, gives us her expert opinion.

Do you think skincare and haircare supplements are effective?
When it comes to skin and hair supplements, I always insist on the fact that they should be considered as a long-term solution. With a balanced, healthy lifestyle, these tablets can be quite beneficial if taken on a daily basis. One cannot expect an overnight solution. Even in healthiest eating habits, there is always room to add the missing nutrients which cannot be covered only with a balanced diet.

Is it really worth buying them?
The choice of supplements is very important. We cannot only rely on brands and names. The best way to choose your tablets, is to follow the recommendations of dermatologists. As we all know pharmacies and store shelves are packed with options and it can be quite confusing to make the right choice and that’s why dermatologists can make a difference by guiding you through the choices for your skin type.

Do they make a big difference?
The thing to remember is that the overall lifestyle plays a big role in the quality of skin and hair. For example, I always insist on a simple yet unavoidable daily skin routine which consists of having the right facial wash (gel, soap, foam etc), the right choice of moisturiser, sun protection and a good make-up remover. Add the right supplements to boost the skin routine and you will definitely notice the change.

Which ones do you recommend?
I have tried and tested various types of supplements myself. It's crucial for me to know the efficiency of a product before recommending it to my friends and patients. You can always look for supplements which include vitamin E and omega 3. Collagen and hyaluronic acid tablets should also be considered.

Personally, I am a big fan of Solgar, which is an American brand. They have a full range of key ingredients, both for skin and for hair, all in one tablet. Therefore, it is a very convenient option as you don’t have to worry about taking multiple tablets every day.

The other brand that I quite like is called Glow Radiance Defy Collagen tablets which are available at Lucia Clinic. These small tablets are packed with hydrolysed collagen and hyaluronic acid and I just love their effect on my skin.

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