Dressing For Zoom: How To Nail Webcam Style

BY Francesca Leach / Jun 13 2020 / 14:00 PM

With faltering connections cutting up your presentation(s), only the boldest and most striking of outfits will stand out on a pixelated screen

Dressing For Zoom: How To Nail Webcam Style

For those of us who are working at home, office outfits are possibly the last thing you want to think about.

When faced with months of video conference calls, it’s important to maintain a sleek-yet-somewhat-professional style (even if it is just the upper half of your body) as you discuss your next project with your CEO. And on a webcam, you’ve only have the space between your head and upper arms to truly dazzle your colleagues whilst ‘on camera.’

Here at Bazaar we have looked into the science of the best video call outfits of days gone by to bring you a definitive guide to video conference chic.

See below before ‘jumping’ on your next call…

A power shoulder used to consign the wearer can go one of two ways: 80’s office glam or over masculinity. When we think of shoulders and the office, our thoughts tend to gather around the gaudy ill-fitting suits of Wall Street – but times are changing.

In the 21st century, a structured shoulder is a girl's best friend. Creating a strong silhouette that oozes confidence and tenacity, the shoulder is a must have for the virtual modern woman. Forgoing rigid padding for softer, billowing sleeves is a delicate alternative to frame your upper body. Not dissimilar to the ‘Italian sleeve’ worn by ladies of leisure in the 1890s, brands like Cecilie Bahnsen and Molly Goddard have been showcasing traditional puff sleeves on gowns and blouses in pastels hues for added sweetness.

Tailoring can take an outfit from zero to hero in an instant, so if you only have one choice for office wear let it be this. If you’re a classically feminine dresser who likes to stick to traditional fabrics, a suit jacket can give an air of sophistication – particularly if it's a heritage piece like a vintage Chanel jacket.
If you’re worried about looking too strict, opt for a double-breasted number with buttery textures like a pink satin for a soft finish. Balanced delicately over the shoulders, it’s an excellent option for a dressed down Friday look.

If you're feeling thrifty, why not pester the man in your life for his best blazer (only to borrow, of course); layer it over a white t-shirt while also accessorizing with some jewellery for a modern twist.

If you're simply too busy to be fretting about clothes, why not invest in some bespoke leather stationary instead?

This oversized bottle green pad from bespoke British leather boutique Paradise Row adds a simple yet elegant touch to any woman's dining room table-turned-desk. In an age where digitisation reigns supreme, sometimes going back to basics is the best thing you can possibly do, in order to appear ‘old school’ and hard working.

You'll also snag bonus points for seeming to really be listening to whatever it is your colleagues have to say.

Although a dress is only viewable from the naval upwards when on a call, if chosen right it can immediately command a virtual room.

The earthy ‘Cottagecore’ trend is sweeping the world, so why not invest in a flouncy-sleeved, high-neck buttoned up gown for your next webinar. It’s important to stay within the boundaries of colour theory here, as the wrong print on a high neck gown can drag multiple eyes to all the wrong places. Instead, experiment with a pussy bow neck or a new romantic style for eye-catching details.

Sleeve length is also important here; the standard office rule of nothing above the shoulders should be maintained at home as well. This Kristina Fidelskaya silk jumpsuit is perfect for working in the heat without sacrificing style on those warmer afternoons.

Although it can be tricky curating your best video call style will leave an everlasting impression on those you seek to impress both near and far, far away.

Lead image courtesy of Jason Lloyd Evans| Dolce and Gabbana SS '16 Runway

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