10 Countries You Have To Visit In 2018, According To Lonely Planet

BY Sarah Garden / Oct 29 2017 / 13:44 PM

You can fly to eight of them direct from the UAE

10 Countries You Have To Visit In 2018, According To Lonely Planet

We can’t be the only ones who feel like everyone we know went to Mykonos this summer. The glistening white and blue party hotspot is certainly on-trend, but if you’re looking for a holiday destination that doesn’t follow the crowd on your Instagram feed, then Lonely Planet has the answer.

While there are some slightly ‘off the beaten track’ locations on the list, there are others that have long been holiday favourites.

Chile came out on top, with lively Santiago and the vast quiet of the Atacama desert showcasing the country’s captivating diversity. South Korea, which is becoming increasingly popular amongst the young and fashionable, follows in number two spot. Old favourite Portugal is also on the list, beating off competition from Djibouti and New Zealand, who round off the top five.

Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Countries For 2018:

1. Chile
2. South Korea
3. Portugal
4. Djibouti
5. New Zealand
6. Malta
7. Georgia
8. Mauritius
9. China
10. South Africa

Seeing as the UAE is a travel hub, it’s relatively easy to get to all of these countries – in fact, you can fly to eight of them direct. Bazaar asked Skyscanner to give us the best routes, an idea of cost, and how to get the best deal.

Skyscanner, Lonely Planet Destinations

Perhaps not surprisingly, the number one country is also the most expesive to reach, with flights to Chile from the UAE coming in at Dhs8,280. The cheapest of the bunch is South Africa, with direct flights from Dubai or Abu Dhabi for Dhs2,928. It's time to plan your next escape!