The New Aussie Handbag Brand Loved By Middle Eastern It-Girls Has Just Landed In The Region

BY Milli Midwood / Mar 13 2019 / 18:10 PM

Alessandra Ambrosio, Alanoud Badr, the Dinz sisters, Nadya Hasan and Mariam Rod are all fans of Farrah + Sloane

The New Aussie Handbag Brand Loved By Middle Eastern It-Girls Has Just Landed In The Region
Alanoud Badr, Jaime Chun and the Dinz sisters are all Farrah + Sloane fans

You may not have heard of the name Farrah + Sloane but chances are, you've probably scrolled past the brand's uber stylish handbags all over your Instagram feed (you may have also spotted a design clutched in the talons of Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio at last year’s House of Bazaar). Void of any blatant logos or in-your-face branding associated with most novelty bags, the brand’s signature aesthetic lies its fun, flirty and frivolous fringe.

Alessandra Ambrosio with Farrah + Sloane's Alexis velvet bucket bag at House of Bazaar 2018

Founded by friends Nadine and Jane, who serendipitously met whilst working in fashion wholesale in Melbourne, the duo realised they had a skill set that complimented each other perfectly and soon went into business together.

Here, BAZAAR chats to Farrah + Sloane founders about their love of fringe, designing for Instagram and expanding to the Middle East.

Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia: Tell us the story behind the name of the brand?
Farrah + Sloane: Tell me the story behind the name of the brand? It was not easy to come up with and took a lot of time and energy. We wanted a name that represented us as individuals and also that described the women we design for. A natural starting point was our mutual obsession with '70s glamour – ‘Farrah’ was an easy choice, not only is the name symbolic of the most glamourous movie star of the era but the meaning behind the name is “beauty and joy”. For the second half of the name, we started talking about iconic stylish characters that resonated with us from TV and movies, and we came up with ‘Sloane’ (from Entourage). On closer inspection, we found the meaning behind ‘Sloane’ is “fashionable upper class young woman”. It was the perfect combination.

HBA: Who is the Farrah + Sloane woman?
F+S: She is all about individual style, keeping her eye on the trends but interpreting them in her own way. She takes great pride in her appearance, knows how to accessorise, and lives by the mantra that it’s all about the bag.

HBA: Where do you get your inspiration from?
F+S: It can really be anywhere, but the moment we are obsessed with the street style of women in Copenhagen. They have a unique way of combining tomboy and ultra-feminine pieces to make really gorgeous ensembles.

HBA: Why do you work so much with fringe?
F+S: We always think about what our bags will look like when they are moving, not just sitting on a table, because so often that’s what they are doing, so we love the movement of fringe.

HBA: Your bags are deemed very ‘Instagrammable’. Do you ever design your pieces with social media at the forefront of your process?
F+S: No, actually that was never our intention, it’s just been a convenient coincidence! Influencers generally gravitate towards our bags because they are so fun to style and photograph. The styles have done really well in the Middle East, with fashion girls like Alanoud Badr, the Dinz sisters, Nadya Hasan and Mariam Rod all snapping away with our bags.

HBA: Where do you hope the brand to be in 10 years?
F+S: Our immediate goal is to concentrate on bags, but we would love to see our brand expand into clothes and shoes eventually.

HBA: Where can we expect your designs to pop up in the region?
F+S: This season we’ve just launched at Gannash in Kuwait and Villa Baboushka in Cairo. We get a lot of online orders from the Middle East the moment, so we’ll be looking to expand to more boutiques in the region soon.

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