Alice Temperley Reveals Her Secrets For Chic Living

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / May 10 2018 / 14:16 PM

"Don’t wear things that will date. Buy things that are investment pieces and things that you will wear for decades"

Alice Temperley Reveals Her Secrets For Chic Living

Style should be... Effortless, classic and comfortable.
Fashion icon: American costume designer, Edith Head. She did all the incredible costumes for people like Marlene Dietrich and the 1930s film noir era.
My style is... Two-fold. One side is very relaxed, country girl and the other side when I’m working is professional but relaxed, so soft neutrals with a T-shirt, suits and Converse. In the evening, I can be quite decadent. Dressing up is not something I’m afraid of.
Muse: Someone well-travelled, cultured, serious, ethereal, strong, independent...  With a bit of mystery to them. Someone like Marion Cotillard or Eva Green.
Fashion memory: It goes back to when I was a child and used to make clothes, and I realised and understood how they can transform the way you feel. I didn’t have a doll to dress up, so I used my siblings instead.
Arab style analysis: I love that people dress for all occasions and wear cocktail dresses for lunch. Women have a real love of fashion and they appreciate beautiful clothing.

Fashion ethos: Don’t wear things that will date. Buy things that are investment pieces and things that you will wear for decades; or things that you want to hang on your wall.
Best-loved designer: I love Alaïa, he was always my favourite. And McQueen. I also love classic Dior. I have some very old Dior velvet suits, and I love the cut of a Dior waist jacket and shirts, classic Dior from the ’40s.
Shoe appeal: Oh, I love shoes – I’ve probably got about 100 pairs. We design our own shoes with
a designer twice a year, so I normally wear those. We did some with Pedro Garcia for the summer, really amazing sandals, laced-up boxer boots and cross ribbon straps. I also love Charlotte Olympia and Churches.
Collector’s items: I love collecting costume jewellery, hats and head pieces; usually the most historical and ceremonial ones, like wedding headdresses from Bali or Turkmenistan. But I also love hats from my friend Victoria Grant, Patricia Underwood or JJ Hat Center in New York for classic trilbies.
Treasured item: A gold fox ring that is made out of 1930s solid gold titan, which I had made into the ring about five years ago. My son is called Fox, so I never take it off.
Criticism of the fashion industry: There are too many people designing too much stuff, so there’s just too much product. People should slow it down. And the way the high-street works should be questioned. Everyone should put their eco head on and become more sustainable in thought and in designing clothes that people are going to treasure. We should look at the environment, be very conscious and design things that stand the test of time.

Love of the fashion industry: I still like the craft and the skill of it – working with our suppliers, our fabric and embroidery team...
Beauty is: Happiness and health. A smile is always better than loads of make-up. Enhance what you have but don’t overdo anything.
Perfume: Hotel Costes No.2.
Spa: I’ve just come back from the Sha Wellness Clinic in Spain. It was lovely. Now it’s about keeping up the discipline.
Greatest indulgence: Lingerie from La Perla, Agent Provocateur or Stella McCartney. Workout I go to London’s Jivamukti Centre a few times a week and do yoga to really loud music.
Interior style: It’s decadent mixed with bohemian. Big chandeliers, tiles... I love Rose Uniacke in London.
Apps: Instagram for personal and work, Maps, and The Beach Body workout app.My siblings use it every day. I don’t do it enough, but I’m trying!
Web surfing: I don’t look at that many. Net-a-Porter, Pinterest and lots of home and kitchen sites. And I’ve been going through every hot tub website you can imagine because I want to get one.
Music muses: Anything from London Grammar to Chris Isaac to reggae to Florence & The Machine to Emily Barker to rap. It’s eclectic.
Song you never tire of hearing: My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit. It’s the most uplifting song. It has a euphoria about it.
Guilty pleasure: Eminem. I have his whole back catalogue.
Current read: Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House by Michael Wolff, which I’m a bit horrified about.
Best-loved film: La Vie En Rose, Pulp Fiction, The Fantastic Mr Fox, because it reminds me of home and my son, and any films with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers on a cold evening.
Favourite actress: Marion Cotillard.
Dream lunch date: Cillian Murphy. He’s really interesting and extremely attractive.
Fantasy dinner party guests: David Attenborough – if I could have anybody’s life and career, I’d want his – Elvis, for the entertainment, Bette Davis and Amelia Earhart. That would be pretty cool.
Life essential: A good sense of humour.
Nickname: Magpie, because I was always collecting things.
Alice in three words: Passionate, hopeless romantic and eclectic. And family orientated.
Mantra: Get on with it.
Biggest regret: Sometimes putting work before relationships.
Era you’d travel back to: Half of me in the ’30s, for the decadence of the jazz bands and flapper dresses, and half in the ’70s, because of the music and style and liberation.
Best party: I went to Natalie Massenet’s 50th birthday in Positano in Italy. It was a weekend away on an island and it was the most beautiful party and setting I’ve ever been to.
Signature dish: A good roast lamb or venison with all the trimmings.
Moral code: I care about the environment, nature, slowing things down and loyalty.
Dogs or cats: Dogs. I’m actually looking to get a Jackapoo dog as a little surprise for my son.
Hotel: Cuix Mala in Mexico.
Restaurant: Deia Beach Restaurant in Mallorca. I love the large, fresh prawns.
Bucket list: I want to ride a horse across the Andes.
Favourite Dubai memory: I love the light and the architecture. I also rode endurance horses in the desert bareback. I will never forget that.

From the May issue of Harper's Bazaar Arabia