Nour Hammour Doughan

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Feb 28 2018 / 13:23 PM

30, Lebanese

Nour Hammour Doughan

Lebanese-born designer Nour Hammour Doughan founded her namesake label, Nour Hammour, in 2013. “I really enjoyed studding and embellishing my own leather jackets as a hobby when I was in school. I started doing it for friends, and then even strangers started asking me for them. My husband was the one who really encouraged me to take it to the next level and make it into a business,” she tells us. Fast-forward a few years and her collections of luxury leather biker jackets have been picked up by the likes of Neiman Marcus, and seem to be an integral part of the Victoria’s Secret girls’ off-duty wardrobe – think Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Sara Sampaio.

Needless to say, Nour also has that off-duty look nailed. “My style is easy going but put together,” she ex-plains begins. “I prefer a natural and effortless style for myself – feminine but with an edge.” She also prefers “to have a few very amazing outfits” that she really adores, instead of “piles and piles” of clothes, which helps her indecisiveness, she smiles. “In my day-to-day dressing, I am pretty casual and I follow my instinct without thinking too much – adding a cool leather jacket just makes any outfit work.” A few pieces of jewellery define Nour’s signature style, “my multiple earrings and ear cuffs by Maria Tash, they’re just really elegant and dis-creet; I never miss the chance to visit the store when I’m in New York.” She teams her ensembles with her most treasured item, an Hermès Kelly bag gifted to her by her husband after the birth of their son. “When we first got married, we were sitting outside in a restaurant terrace, and I saw a very cool looking young mum pushing her baby in a stroller, with her Hermès hanging from her shoulder. I jokingly told my husband, ‘that’s the kind of mum I want to be’,” she laughs. “As soon as I got pregnant, he knew exactly what to get as a gift.”

Discovering independent labels and individuality are two things Nour champions. “I’ve always loved choosing outfits and dressing up, discovering new brands and being unique with style, even as a teenager. When I was in college, I did an internship at the Elie Saab office in Paris, and I absolutely loved it. Working for a brand, watching collections develop and come to life, seeing what works and what doesn’t, and growing from there. Fashion is so dynamic and quick-paced, and I find that so exciting.”

Nour’s top stores for more exclusive finds are “Montaigne Market in Paris, Barneys and Kirna Zabete in New York, and Plum in Beirut.” She also credits Zimmermann her “go-to brand for pretty spring dresses,” and loves “Attico for shoes and interesting pieces.” Nour turns to Johanna Ortiz to complement a girly mood, and notes that the “Y Project is really cool”, when she’s in Paris or NYC. Whereas in the Middle East, Nour opts for more colour and goes the extra mile. “I tend to go for a more glamorous look than I would normally have. Ladies in the Middle East are much more feminine and inspire me to want to dress up in a more sparkly way.”

Nour Hammour Doughan wears Nour Hammour jacket and leggings and IRO boots, all her own.

Photography: Paul Franco. Words: Elaine Lloyd-Jones. Hair: Christos Vourlis. Make-Up: Emily Plume.