Randa Abu Issa

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Feb 28 2018 / 13:14 PM

40, Palestinian

Randa Abu Issa

“What makes a woman stylish is her aura, vibe and mind. I think there is so much more to a woman than her physical and outer appearance,” Randa Abu Issa tells Bazaar. “A smart woman should confidently wear what makes her look and feel good,” she adds. Randa is speaking from experience, her savoir faire has been fine-tuned with years of practice in the industry and she has turned her well-trained eye for style into her own label, Crown & Feather, a brand that nods to her “bohemian” style.

“I’ve always been passionate about clothes, and very picky in my choices, looking for what’s different, which is why I started Crown & Feather. Nothing felt more satisfying than visualising an outfit and bringing it to life,” Randa explains. “I love wearing my designs, as I’m always super comfortable in them. And because I’m involved in the design process, the result really sums up my personal style.” The collection includes whimsical florals, star prints and plaids, as well as more glam velvets and sequins.

As a former luxury fashion boutique owner, Randa’s wardrobe is an expected melting pot of inspiration and curated pieces. “Because I carefully pick my clothes, it makes them all pretty special, regardless of the brand or season,” she muses. The pieces that get that extra bit of love are the easy-to-wear appeal of The Row blazers, which she always pulls out first, and a “love” of big statement earrings. “I can comfortably say I never leave the house without them,” she smiles. She’s also particularly fond of her Nike sneakers, which “are always my first choice for a day out,” while Saint Laurent’s edgy pieces and her jeans collection – “I can and will never have enough!” – also take up a good portion of rail space.

Randa dresses according to her mood and the weather. Gloomy skies call for oversized jumpers, while the region’s sunnier days mean basic outfits “with a higher chance to get creative,” meaning more colourful pieces, playful prints and elegant florals.

A mother of three daughters (Masa, 17, Jude, 14, and Salma, six), Randa believes fashion is a form of expression and makes sure her daughters understand that. She also notes that “maintaining decency, not just in fashion, but in life in general” is a value that she lives by. And that nothing describes her style mantra better than the Nicholas Burroughs quote, “Minimalism is not a lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something.”

Randa Abu Issa wears Crown & Feather dress. Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. La Privée by Ibtissam Saab jewellery, Randa’s own.

Photography: Richard Hall. Styling: Teresa Karpinska. Words: Elaine Lloyd-Jones.