Tara Aghdashloo

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Feb 28 2018 / 13:52 PM

30, Iranian/Canadian

Tara Aghdashloo

“In my early twenties I first tried to eradicate my femininity in an effort to keep the attention on my words and my work, but slowly realised how oppressive that was and decided to be as sexy or simple or glamorous or quirky as I want, whenever I want. If people are misled, too bad for them,” affirms Tara Aghdashloo. An Iranian writer and filmmaker, Tara grew up in Tehran and lived in Toronto, Canada, before moving to London.

Her style is “often anachronistic,” a mixture of “contemporary and classic” and intrinsically inspired by how she wants to feel that day. “My style icons change almost daily. I draw inspiration from art; it’s my moodboard and motherboard.  For example, I’m wearing red lipstick today because I saw this beautiful painting by Eileen Cooper with a bunch of fresh-blood red roses that was titillating.” She also candidly notes that she loves actress Eva Green, who plays Isabelle in the 2003 film, Dreamers, while Mia Farrow is one of her “style godmothers.”

Tara grew up in a family that had an appreciation of the arts. “My father is an artist and my mother is an architect, so my eyes were trained to trace the balance and poetry” of the world. Needless to say her interpretation of fashion is completely unique. “My most precious items are those I find in unlikely places.” She counts medals – worn as accessories – by contemporary designer and artist, Nazanin Ebadi as amongst them; “a hat purchased near the Vatican – from a shop where cardinals buy their clothes; my Sanayi 313 loafers which were probably overpriced but just right; a feathery Prada skirt that makes me feel more like a bird; and a set of gloves that my grandmother used to wear.

Quality over quantity is a phrase Tara lives by, preferring to cultivate a collection of timeless pieces, than give in to frivolity. And although she hates going to shopping malls, she does admit to succumbing to the temptation of online shopping. “I do more and more online because I’ve become busier – or lazier,” she laughs. “Shopping online is dangerously good these days, Moda Operandi is a favourite, Net-a-Porter has great service, and Aassttiinn for a bit of Iranian freshness.”

Tara is also a supporter of international independent designers that she finds on Instagram, “like Markoo by my Toronto home-girls, Josep Font’s Delpozo and Jacquemas is the designer of my dreams.” The only item on her wish list, however, is a wedding dress, “I’m on the hunt as my wedding is this summer. I may have to design it. We’ll see!”

Tara Aghdashloo wears Lanvin suit, vintage hat, Nazanin Ebadi brooch, Olgana Paris shoes, Becca Jewellery earring, Leyla Abdollahi ring.

Photography: Phill Taylor. Styling: Jordan Grant. Words: Elaine Lloyd-Jones. Make-Up: James Butterfield.