Watch | Bazaar Beauty: Celebrity Facialist Abigail James Reveals The Secret To Perfect Skin

BY Milli Midwood / Oct 23 2018 / 15:59 PM

Skincare secrets from the woman who’s worked on the world’s most famous faces - including Cher

If you live in the Middle East, you’ll know all too well the perils of putting your skin through 50-degree heat and 100-percent humidity, before plunging it into the sub-twenties of your air conditioned office and home – especially when your pores are lathered in foundation, unable to breath.

Our skin certainly takes a beating in the this heat and Bazaar is on a perennial journey to find the secret to perfect skin. Aiding our journey to complexion perfection is Abigail James, celebrity skincare specialist and brand ambassador for The Rituals of Namaste collection, who reveals to Bazaar her secrets to perfect, youthful skin.

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