Watch | Caroline Stanbury Tries The Latest Stem Cell Therapy Beauty Breakthrough

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Apr 25 2019 / 19:11 PM

Is it truly the fountain of youth?

All signs are pointing to a "yes" thus far. BAZAAR goes behind the scenes of Caroline Stanbury’s SAVA (Subcutaneous, Augmented, Vascularization, Anti-Inflammatory) procedure, the latest stem cell therapy to hit the market. And Middle Eastern beauty addicts rejoice, Dubai is the only other global location other than New York City to be licensed for the procedure thanks to Dr. Steven Victor MD ABRM, a US Board Certified Regenerative Medicine Specialist of ReGen Medical, partnering with Emirates Hospital Jumeirah.

Always one to unabashedly try beauty and wellness tricks and treatments, Caroline goes under the knife—although the procedure is minimally invasive—to harvest stem cells which undergo lab processing, then injected superficially into the face and other problem areas, as well as given intravenously. The benefits? Reportedly feeling (and looking) amazing from the inside out. Unlike other stem cell therapies and the old fashioned face lift, the SAVA procedure repairs internal inflammation, the leading cause of aging and health ailments, as well as adds volume to skin and reduces wrinkles.

Watch on to experience Caroline’s cutting-edge procedure first-hand and hear her verdict about the results. Do we suspect a potential celebrity craze? Stay tuned.

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