Watch: Diana Vreeland’s Grandson Introduces Fragrances In His Grandmother’s Memory

BY Jessica Young / Aug 13 2018 / 17:43 PM

The perfume launch is for the bold and the beautiful

In a region where strong scents are de rigueur, Diana Vreeland Parfums will certainly make a statement on those who love a fragrance that lingers long after one’s left the room. The range pays homage to the visionary first-ever fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar noted for both her self-assured personal style as well as adventurous and experimental “Why don’t you...” quips encouraging readers to push the envelope in both fashion and life.

Named after her infamous fashion colloquialisms such as Devastatingly Chic, Simply Divine, and Outrageously Vibrant, each scent is crafted out of the finest ingredients made to steal the scene—so much so, the range made a cameo in Ocean’s 8 as Sandra Bullock’s character snaffles a bottle on her release from jail—and according to Alexander Vreeland, the illustrious editor’s grandson and founder of Diana Vreeland Parfums, Bullock was so enamoured with the scent that she bought her very own bottle.

Bazaar catches up with Alexander Vreeland to explain why Diana Vreeland Parfums will surely play a starring role in every fragrance afficiando’s perfume collection.

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