Watch | How To Achieve Firm Skin With Dr Vali

BY Brian Timmer / Nov 1 2019 / 16:14 PM

Learn about all the little beauty secrets that will change the way you handle your skin...

'Skin Tightening' is the seventh of 12 info-beauty episodes in our 'Beauty Talks With Dr Vali' series.

In this seventh chapter, exclusively for Harper's BAZAAR Arabia, Dr Vali offers informative advice on how to get back that radiant glow with smooth and firm looking skin.

Watch above as Dr Vali explains how to achieve this fresh and youthful look by uncovering your radiant natural visage without having to rely on modern day injectables, which can have unwanted long-term side effects.

Is it really possible to tighten your skin naturally on a cellular level?

Press play on the video above to see Dr Vali reveal all.

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