Watch | How These Saudi Women Are Celebrating The Driving Ban Lift, One Year On

BY Milli Midwood / Jun 18 2019 / 13:14 PM

BAZAAR gets an exclusive look into Saudi’s first all-female car club

Last year, on 24 June, Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on women driving. Since, almost 50,000 licenses have been issued, among them is Ammal Farhat, one of the first Careem captainahs. Heralding the occasion, Ammal, together with Volkswagen, has created the first all-female car club to mark in the Kingdom.

Here, Ammal recounts a poignant moment last year in her life that left her desperately wanting and needing a license. The Jeddah-based single mother-of-two and a business owner says, “Two days before I got my driver’s license, I was with my son in his school and he hit his head. His face was covered in blood. Everyone was around him trying to take care of him except me. I was thinking he needs a hospital, a doctor – how am I going to get there when I don’t have a car? But that’s over now, because I can drive.”

“The VW club brings women together,” she continues. “It builds friendships and bonds in a way we didn’t think was possible.”

Press play on the video to listen to Ammal’s inspiring story.