Watch | Bazaar Beauty: Treatments And Prevention Of Rosacea

BY Stephanie Lohale / Oct 5 2019 / 00:00 AM

Suffer from rosacea? Press play...

This week, we sit down with medical wellness and cosmetic dermatologist Dr Shawana Vali, to chat all things Rosacea. A pathological skin condition often misinterpreted as sensitive skin, Dr Vali talks us through causes, treatments and prevention of this irritation. 

Turns out, rosacea is completely treatable. It comes in different forms ranging between mild to severe, and many times feels as though the patient’s skin is incredibly dry. However, below the surface and into the skin cells it proves to be the opposite which is oily and sebaceous.

“It has to be a combination approach, for you to actually stop the overall inflammation and for you to start reversing it back to normal,” Dr Vali explains. 

In a nutshell, the condition can be treated with IPL, Vitamin A, or skin resurfacing. Press play to watch Dr Vali break down the condition and how it should be treated at its earliest stage.

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