Watch | Bizarre Beauty: What Is Facial Yoga?

BY Sara AlHumiri / Nov 5 2019 / 10:17 AM

Can’t bare to brave the needle? Same. The Fit Face is your answer to a non-invasive face lift administered on your own. How? A bunch of massaging tools and facial exercises…

As we plod along on our bizarre beauty journey across the UAE, we’ve been enjoying some pretty quirky and off-kilter treatments so far. From ">cryotherapy to"> screaming meditation to glow-in-the-dark nails, we’ve covered a crazy amount of off-beat beauty.

This week’s episode took place at Maison Lutetia, a boutique aesthetic clinic located in Festival City where Georgie Bradley met with Dora Peric, the founder of The Fit Face.

Did you know that your face can get a workout? In the same way we do a full body work out, The Fit Face is home to a slew of exercises designed to make you move the muscles on your face as a form of age maintenance and host of other benefits. It’s kind of like giving yourself a non-invasive face lift. Complete with a row of tools to build up the effectiveness of ‘facial yoga’, you’ll start seeing results after a month of consistent application. And also, it’s fun – especially if you like to let your inner kid out once in a while…

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