Watch: Do Skincare Products That Are Matched To Your DNA Really Work?

BY Sarah Garden / Feb 13 2018 / 19:28 PM

In the latest episode of Bazaar Beauty we put the new trend to the test

Skincare products that are matched to your DNA are the hottest beauty trend at the moment. With a DNA test and in-clinic colultation involved, it's not a cheap route to getting flawless skin, but does it work?

Some people in the medical community say no, while others are adiment that if you don't take your genetics into consideration, you won't be getting the best out of your skincare routine. 

For the latest episode of Bazaar Beauty, we put new brand Allél to the test. Two doctors are behind the DNA test and product line, which is available from Biolite Dubai. The full package, which includes the test, consultaton and personalised skincare routie, costs Dhs7,850.

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