Watch: Michael Cinco Takes His Incredible Couture Collection To Moscow

BY Milli Midwood / Sep 3 2019 / 10:21 AM

The designer is bridging the gap between Middle Eastern and Russian couture

Michael Cinco, the Dubai-based designer known for his incredible couture gowns, was “inspired by the architecture, and the beautiful culture of Russia” for his latest collection.

Speaking exclusively with BAZAAR, the Filipino-born courtier says the Arab and Russian markets are not too dissimilar. “Russian and Middle Eastern women have many similarities when it comes to some taste in fashion and art,” says Cinco. “They both love opulence, luxury and exclusivity. They don’t care about fast fashion, they want something timeless and meticulous. I pay exquisite attention to detail, and I think that’s why women love my work, because it comes from the heart. I put my heart, soul and time into creating a couture piece.”

The inspiration behind the collection comes from the monarchs, emperors and supreme rulers of Russia, the Tsars. “I have brought romance and royalty into this collection,” the designer tells us. “

“The inspiration behind the collection was from the royalty of the Tsar. The demand for romance and glorious impalpable dreams is mirrored in every inch of the clothes. “Every dress is meticulously crafted, resulting in a collection of gowns fit for a princess who is ready to start her own fairy-tale.”

Press play to go behind-the-scenes with Michael Cinco in Moscow as he showcasing his latest couture collection.

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Photographer: Alena Romanova.

A film by Olivier Ronot and Nicolas Gregorieff