Watch | In Conversation With Shanina Shaik

BY Stephanie Carmona Fagundes / Jan 28 2020 / 15:41 PM

BAZAAR's January cover star, Shanina talks empowerment in the Middle East and why compassion should be at the core of all our values...

With a mix of Saudi, Pakistani, Lithuanian and Australian blood running through her veins, BAZAAR cover star, Shanina Shaik has shown the world that no matter how many times a door closes in your face, you can end up achieving whatever you set your mind to - and she's still working on it.

Funny, loving, kind and silly describe the amazing soul that Shanina is. She's all about spreading love, working hard to achieve her goals, and looking forward to a peaceful world to live in. "Everyone can be more compassionate of others, and I think the world would be a different place,"

With a motto that's "never give up and never compare," press play to hear Shanina speak about her Middle Eastern roots and her pride towards the big achievements the region has conquered over the years, and all the forthcoming,

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Videographer: Elsn Land

Editor: Olivia Phillips

Fashion Director: Anna Castan