Video: On Cambridge Analytica, A.I. And Why Women Need A Larger Role In Society

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Nov 25 2019 / 10:09 AM

Creative innovator talks candidly about the importance of owning our own data to avoid another Donald Trump fiasco

On the set of our November cover shoot with in L.A., BAZAAR's editor in chief, Salma Awwad, sat down with the creative innovator to talk the importance of protecting our data, learning from the Cambridge Analytica data scandal how we can encourage more women to take an interest in tech around the world.

He emphasises, “for A.I. to be something that we adore and aren’t fearful of in the future, women need to be a part of that conversation. Because we want A.I. to be compassionate and nurturing, and to fit into society in a way that’s balanced… and right now we haven’t [got that]. It’s proportionately unbalanced.”

Statistics show that 40 per cent of people now specialising in computer science and IT are women, in the UAE and KSA, of all the online Middle Eastern entrepreneurs, 35 per cent are made up of women. While the global average is 10 percent. 

Our cover star adds, “it’s amazing that in the UAE, and that entire region, that a lot of girls are leading the tech frontier. That’s awesome because it means that there’s now no choice but to see the power of a woman in the world we’re about to walk into – and that’s beautiful.”

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