Watch | Pomellato’s Star-Studded Video Addresses The Next Generation Of Women

BY Rohma Theunissen / Mar 8 2020 / 17:50 PM

Actresses Cate Blanchett, Jane Fonda, Laura Dern, Isabelle Huppert are some of the incredible women championing the importance of change in the brand’s powerful Women’s Day video

Italian pret-a-porter fine jewellery brand Pomellato has just released its 3rd annual ‘Pomellato for Women’ video and the message is clear: girls’ voices need to heard. Starring an influential cast of Hollywood artists, fashion headliners and opinion makers, the video is intended to ignite and promote change by highlighting the values of empowerment and inclusivity.

The moving video stars Hollywood icon Jane Fonda for a third year in a row alongside Cate Blanchette, Laura Dern, Isabelle Hupert and Tiffany Haddish who passionately voice their united belief in the power of change.

Pomellato prides itself on its female-first operations which cater to a clientele of successful, independent women, most of which buy Pomellato jewellery for themselves. Supplying these iconic pieces of jewellery is a workforce that is proudly 74% female and has been headed by CEO Sabina Belli since 2015.

Sabina Belli explains, “In today’s tumultuous social climate, we have a responsibility to do what we can. As head of a luxury brand company designed for women, of course Pomellato will use its forum to call for change and promote inclusivity. We stand in defiance to equal opportunities and gender equality. We raise our voices loud and our spirits high. We are hopeful for a healthier, more unified, more inclusive future. Pomellato For Women, in the spirit of International Women’s Day, celebrates the achievements of womenkind in its proud pursuit for a better tomorrow.”