Arab Celebs Are Loving This Jewelry Brand

BY Rohma Theunissen / Oct 10 2019 / 14:47 PM

Nancy Ajram, Balqees Fathi and Carole Samaha are just some of the celebs who have fallen for Amy Gattas' jewels

Arab Celebs Are Loving This Jewelry Brand

Nancy Ajram, Balqees Fathi and Carole Samaha are just some of the celebs around the world who have fallen for Amy Gattas’ jewelry. The contemporary brand, known for its eclectic fusion of Middle Eastern and South American aesthetics, is a reflection of Amy Ghattas’ personal heritage. The Lebanese-Colombian jewelry designer found inspiration for her eponymous brand from the traditional fine jewelry technique of filigree, the ancestral art of working with extremely fine silver wires. The technique has since become a signature element of the Amy Gattas brand,  an element that Amy enhances with the use of precious and semi-precious stones from Botoga, Brazil and Birmani.

The primary inspiration behind each of Amy Ghattas’ pieces is derived from the very manner in which the designer actively lives her life, travelling constantly between her atelier in Paris, her workshop in Colombia and her home in Beirut. The very nature of her multi-cultural lifestyle shines through in her collections; the raw beauty of natural gemstones pay homage to her Lebanese origins, whilst the handmade filigree designs a testament to the influence of her Colombian background. 

Heritage, tradition and traditional craftsmanship are indeed the very pillars upon which Amy has built her brand. ‘’I want this brand to by a legacy for generations to come, says Amy. “To keep craftsmen, work alive through the mixture of East and West. My dream is for this brand to educate others on the importance of artisan work that can’t replace by machines’’.

And it is this socially responsible approach to design that truly sets Amy Gattas’ pieces. There is a unique sense of authenticity within them that is a rare find within the luxury jewelry industry, a rawness that touches everyone who comes across one of her fluid, organic pieces. It is no wonder that the brand has already amassed a loyal fan following as in a world where social responsibility is of ever-growing importance, Amy Gattas’ meticulous approach to her art and loyalty to her heritage gives her designs a distinct life of their own.

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