Azza Fahmy Debuts Exclusive Timepiece Pendant At Harvey Nichols – Dubai

BY Sophie Stevens / Dec 24 2017 / 21:08 PM

The pendant is part of the Timeless collection that features vintage watches from the 1920s in unique handcrafted designs

Azza Fahmy Debuts Exclusive Timepiece Pendant At Harvey Nichols – Dubai
Courtesy Azza Fahmy

In keeping with their reputation for bringing past eras back to life, Azza Fahmy has designed a new 21-piece limited edition collection featuring rare vintage timepieces. Each pendant necklace is uniquely designed with a 1920s watch suspending a key charm, set amongst a variety of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pearls.

Azza-Fahmy-Timeless-Pendant-NecklaceTimeless pendant necklace, Azza Fahmy

Pioneered by Head Designer Amina Ghali, the pendants nod to the popularity of the pocket watch and key during the Victorian period. Speaking about the collection’s timepiece inspiration, Amina says, “I wanted to take an item that was forgotten because its functional use has elapsed and reintroduce it in a wearable way.


Timeless pendant necklace, Azza Fahmy

Watches were a significant item in any person’s closet. Today people look at phones for the time and a watch is now considered a piece of jewellery or an accessory, so why does it have to be worn on the wrist? It’s about reincarnating the past - these watches once meant something to someone, and it was great to give them a new existence and reinvent a new way to wear them.”


Timeless pendant necklace, Azza Fahmy

A one-of-a-kind diamond, ruby and emerald key charm necklace from the Timeless collection is now exclusively available at Harvey Nichols – Dubai. Priced at Dhs 17,200, the necklace features a locket inscribed with the song line by iconic Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum “I got to know about love, when I discovered ours", making it the ideal gift for a loved one with a sentimental touch.