The Dazzling Gems Of Suzanne Kalan

BY Sophie Stevens / Sep 11 2017 / 14:56 PM

The Lebanese-born jewellery designer works closely with her daughter to create award-winning fine jewels with a modern twist

The Dazzling Gems Of Suzanne Kalan
Courtesy Suzanne Kalan
Evil Eye "Fireworks" pendant with diamonds, turquoise and 18-karat gold, Dhs 16,200

The brand’s eponymous founder launched her Los Angeles-based jewellery label shortly after her daughter was born in 1988. Suzanne Kalan quickly found her design niche by adding distinctive details to traditional jewellery techniques.

Her Fireworks collection, for example, is based on the theme of “controlled chaos,” which features baguette-cut diamonds and gems innovatively set in a scattered motif to create statement necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.


Suzanne Kalan "Fireworks" bracelet with pink sapphires and 18-karat gold, Dhs 21,000

These jewels are mounted in 18-karat gold and feature a selection of other coloured gems including emeralds and turquoise, with the Fireworks bangles winning the Middle East Jewellery of the Year award in 2016 for “Best Everyday Jewellery.”


Suzanne Kalan "Vitrine Flower" ring with custom-cut white topaz and the signature "Fireworks" diamond setting in 18-karat rose gold, Dhs 25,000

Meanwhile the Vitrine jewels are set with custom-cut gemstones featuring flat tops and bottoms that form a panel over other gems. The custom-cut method has been extended to the Fireworks line, with its scattered baguette-cut diamonds set behind large topazes and amethysts.


Fine jewellery designer Suzanne Kalan with her daughter Patile Kalandjian

Suzanne’s daughter, Patile Kalandjian, joined the business in 2012 and is responsible for the Kalan collection, an accessibly priced range of jewels set in 14-karat gold with semi-precious gems such as topaz, moonstone and chalcedony.


Suzanne Kalan "Barrel East/West" ring with white moonstone in 14-karat rose gold, Dhs 3,640

The Middle East has always been important to Suzanne Kalan, with the Primordial collection inspired by her travels to the region. Today her jewels are available in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and most recently debuted at both Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdale’s in Dubai.