Dubai-Based Artist Rowaida Hakim Makes Her Debut At Carrousel Du Louvre In Paris

BY Reefaya Noortaj / Nov 22 2019 / 15:32 PM

“When I paint, my feelings control my brush”

Dubai-Based Artist Rowaida Hakim Makes Her Debut At Carrousel Du Louvre In Paris
Courtesy of the artist
Works by Rowaida Hakim

Self-taught, Dubai-based artist Rowaida Hakim made her debut with captivating expressionist works at the 25th edition of Art Shopping in Paris at Paris-Carrousel Du Louvre from 18-20 October this year. Hakim is inspired by the natural world, desert landscapes and the urban structures that surround the city of Dubai.

Last month during Art Shopping, the artist showcased a mix of previous and current works, which included Confetti At A Party, Rain of Grace, Energy, and newer works such as Colorful Ideas, Untitled Colors 1&2 and Rain of Grace

Untitled Colors by Rowaida Hakim

“It’s not necessary to have everything in life; being satisfied with what we have is the principle aspect of one’s happiness and these are the emotions that I paint,” says Hakim.

“When I paint, my feelings control my brush.” All of Hakim's works are painted in her signature style of expressionist brushwork, bold colours and a combination of luxurious 24-carat gold leaf. “I always try and transmit love and positivity through my art,” she shares.

Colorful Ideas by Rowaida Hakim

With another work of hers entitled Dubai Nights, she incorporated motivational words into the painting so that the work literally transmits a message of beauty, joy and peace. 

While in Colorful Ideas, she depicts the beauty of being unique and creative. “Now I am focusing on the beautiful ideas of each person, how they are colourful and bright,” she expresses. “At the same time we show only what we feel is best for us and that’s why we can only see the bubbles of gold in front of the face in this painting.”

 Rain of Grace by Rowaida Hakim

In Rain of Grace, the artist intertwines rain and emotion. “This work symbolises our relationship to our emotions and happiness through rain,” says Hakim. “The gold rain symbolises grace and blessings from God. When it rains those rains are valuable because they offer a positive impact on our feelings, washing the soul with grace.”

Hakim's participation at Le Carrousel du Louvre marked her first show in the city of lights. “Paris has a big space in my heart. It is rich with history, art, love and fashion and has its own special charm and positive ambiance," expresses Hakim. "I have always loved the Louvre Museum and Paris so it means so much to me to show my works there.”

In January 2020, the artist is set to unveil a new body of work at Rowaida Interiors DMCC, JLT, Dubai. Watch this space.