Dubai-Based Artist Behnoosh Feiz's First Solo Exhibition In UAE Launches At XVA Gallery

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / Sep 23 2019 / 13:58 PM

The evocative works represent unity, love and our eternal connection with the universe

Dubai-Based Artist Behnoosh Feiz's First Solo Exhibition In UAE Launches At XVA Gallery
XVA Hotel

On show until 2nd November at Dubai-based XVA GalleryAll About Us is interior designer and artist Behnoosh Feiz’s first solo exhibition in the UAE, unveiling never-before-seen works by the artist. Inspired by spirituality, ancient literature (particularly Rumi's poetry), human beings, our life paths and our connection with the universe, the works on display aim to strip our differences and unite us through our commonalities.

“It’s about us human beings with all of our challenges, all of our needs and desires,” says Feiz.

Behnoosh Feiz. Duality. 120x120. 2019. Ink on paper

Courtesy of XVA Gallery and the artist

In Wanderer (2019), a work which took over 150 hours to complete, the artist makes religious references depicting houses of worship such as a mosque and a temple, with ‘us’ roaming around, wandering.  “I would like to give the core message that it’s not about the religions, [it's] not about where we’re coming from,” she says. “It’s not about our culture or background - it’s about us, and us getting connected and questioning why all these paths have been created. Why are we separated?” 

Art had always been a big part of Feiz’s life but she never tapped into her creative abilities with complete devotion until 2017, when she became increasingly curious about the geometric details of a circle – for example, the circumference and centre point. “It was as if my soul needed [art] but I never gave it the recognition it deserved,” she expresses.

Behnoosh Feiz. Monotheism. 160x115cm. Pen on paper

Courtesy of XVA Gallery and the artist

When she began pursuing the subject more seriously, she experimented with the properties of a circle. “It was something I couldn’t not do – whether subconsciously or consciously, I always drew circles – I was just drawn to it. A circle has no beginning, no end and no direction.” The new body of work deviates completely from the style that the artist has previously been trained in - namely, drawing, miniature work, acrylic painting, pop art and ornamentation. 

“Her perfectionist tendencies and deep spirituality are exemplified in her work and in this exhibition," says Mona Hauser, owner of XVA Gallery. "The combination makes people stop in their tracks.”

Behnoosh Feiz. Wanderer. 2019

Courtesy of XVA Gallery and the artist

Another work on display is Duality (2019), depicting paradox worlds side by side. “Everything holds the seat of its opposite,” says Feiz. “It is not, for instance, that we choose to only have happiness and fun in this life. If you want to grow – sadness and suffering has to be a part of it. Otherwise, we would not grow.”

Also of note is a work with the Arabic word 'Shukar' written on it, a term denoting thankfulness. Gratitude (2019), represents the artist in the present moment. "At this phase of my life, I am so grateful about where I am, what I do, the people around me," she shares. Adjacent the work hangs a poster with handwritten notes by visitors stating what they are most thankful for. "There's so many blessings in my life and I felt I had to show my gratitude."

What really fascinated Feiz about the circle was the holistic and philosophical meanings of the shape surrounding consciousness, wholeness, God and the properties of being infinite.

"I think a delightful quality of Behnoosh’s work is her ability to make the viewer feel valued, compounding her efforts to secure their attention and collaboration through mesmerising visuals." says Eleanor Smith, Director of XVA Gallery.

Artist Behnoosh Feiz

Courtesy of XVA Gallery and the artist

All About Us is on show now at XVA Gallery, Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, Bur Dubai until 2nd November 2019

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