Bazaar Capsule: Yousra On Fame, Fashion And Beauty At Every Age

BY Milli Midwood / Oct 8 2019 / 17:18 PM

"Sometimes I miss not being famous. Sometimes you feel like part of your freedom is missing, but it's worth it"

Bazaar Capsule: Yousra On Fame, Fashion And Beauty At Every Age

BAZAAR's former cover star and Egyptian filmstar Yousra sat down in Editor in Chief Salma Awwad at the inaugural #BazaarCapsule at Mall of the Emirates. Here's everything you missed...

Salma Awwad: So, Yousra – welcome to the Bazaar Capsule, and welcome to Dubai! Now, let me get straight into it and ask you the one question that I know every single person here, myself included, wants to ask you. How do you look so good?

Yousra: There is a saying 'after 40, you have the face that belongs to your heart'. Your heart leaves everything on your face. 

SA: How do you choose your projects?

Y: We all have different faces and different moods in life. I choose my projects based on my different faces. 

SA: You are now a member of the Academy Awards. Tell us about this?

Y: I was just in London meeting the new Academy members. I will be voting for Best Film and Best Actress. I'm really looking forward to it. 

SA: Now I am going to embarrass you!  Last month, we were very proud to have you on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. How was the experience of shooting for BAZAAR in Rome? With Saba?

Y: I loved shooting this. It was the first time I'd ever been to Rome. I find Saba to be a really specvial woman. 

SA: You said, “Before I became famous, I was reckless, but fame changed that. Before, I would go on vacation for three months with nothing but two dresses and one swimsuit that I had to wait to dry before wearing again. I used to be able to go anywhere and no one would invade my privacy.” Do you miss not being famous, and being able to go anywhere you like, do anything you want?

Y: Sometimes I miss being me. Sometimes you feel like part of your freedom is missing, but it's worth it. When people have so much love and admiration for you - this is something you cannot buy. It's priceless. 

SA: Also in that interview you talked about social media. Again, let me read out something you said: “If there were legends today, they would definitely come in a different form. Now we see people on social media that are by no means legendary. Their fame isn’t the outcome of their efforts, but rather the efforts given to them by others.” Can you explain to us what you mean by that?

Y: I have a fan page that I love to follow, but I am not on social media. My fans take care of me on there. When I began there was no social media; you had to fight for your success and work for it. Today, on social media, people are superficial and do things without any effort. 

SA: Time for a fashion question: MOE is certainly BAZAAR’s go-to mall in the region, and I’m sure you love shopping here when you’re visiting. Can you share with us your favourite brand this season?

Y: I have a soft spot for Elie Saab. This man really cares about what he does. He wants everyone to succeed. On a personal level he has a great man, and on a professional level he is outstanding.