Golden Brows: Would You Try It This Party Season?

BY Harper's Bazaar UK / Nov 26 2017 / 13:43 PM

Taking a metallic eye to the next level

Golden Brows: Would You Try It This Party Season?

We've had wave brows, we've had feather brows - and now we have gold brows. The trend is a little less Insta-bait than the rest, and potentially do-able for the beauty brave.

There are different techniques to achieve the golden brow, from lacquering the hairs with liquid eyeliner, to a more dramatic, editorial look with clusters of gold leaf flakes.

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Margot Robbie may have pioneered the gold brow back at the 2016 Met Gala - but her hint of golden sparkle doesn't quite live up to the powerful metallic punch of the golden brow of 2017 (although Robbie shows how you can dip your toe into the trend).

Margot Robbie


Others experimenting with the trend have used glitter, or highly-pigmented gold eyeshadow. Paired with a gold eye, it's extra effective.

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So would you try a gold brow this party season?

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