19 Creepy And Cool Halloween Makeup Tutorials

BY Harper's BAZAAR U.S. / Oct 21 2019 / 15:48 PM

You only need makeup—and a lot of it—for these beauty-centric costumes

19 Creepy And Cool Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Finding the perfect Halloween costume can cost you time—and money. But some of the best Halloween costumes for 2019 can be made with what you've already got in your beauty cabinet (or fridge, if you're fancy). With the help of our favorite YouTubers, these 19 tutorials show off just how easy it is to transform into character with an eyeshadow palette and some creativity. Trust us: These easy Halloween makeup tutorials make for a more memorable 2019 Halloween costume than dressing up as the kids from Stranger Things or a can of White Claw. Pull out your makeup brushes and get ready to try one of our favorite Halloween makeup tutorials ahead.


Spin a Web

One part classic smoky eye, two parts gothic glam. This spider queen makeup tutorial sets you up for a classically spooky Halloween look.


"When the Party's Over"

Billie Eilish's breakout music video inspired a slew of hair and makeup looks. But it's her "When the Party's Over" music video that inspired one of the best Halloween makeup tutorial of 2019. You won't have to actually cry inky tears, but you can mimic her ghostly look.


Feeling Euphoric

The glitter-doused makeup on Euphoria is high-wattage with low effort—perfect for last-minute Halloween look.


Carve a Pumpkin

Take a classic jack-o-lantern palette one step further with a waxy, melted twist.


Fairy Lights

Tinkerbell is played out in 2019. For a more unique fairy look, blend pastel shadows for a bright, mystical vibe.


Neon to the Bone

A skull shadow tutorial that's so colorful, it'll all but glow in the dark.


The Upside Down

Take your favorite bold, gorgeous eye makeup look—and flip it and reverse it. Instead of doing both eyes like you normally would, trace one of your eyes upside down (creating an eyebrow on your cheek, etc.). Pair it with your favorite outfit in a similar hue for a cute and creepy look.


Skeleton Chic

Beauty gurus James Charles and Kylie Jenner teamed up to create a super-glam take on a skeleton makeup look.


Flower Power

Not all Halloween looks have to be spooky or scary—some are just drop-dead gorgeous. Try this floral hairstyle and pretty pink makeup look for a flirty take on the holiday.


Drugstore Duchess

You don't need a royal bank account to get Meghan Markle's wedding day makeup look. Here, a tutorial on recreating the glowy, peachy look using all drugstore makeup. Finding a replica of her stunning Givenchy dress, however, will be more of a challenge.


Going Wonka

You'll never look at violet eyeshadow the same way again after spending an hour painting your nose the exact shade from Willy Wonka.


Purple Skull

A spooky but still beautiful Halloween makeup look that doesn't take hours or require any special ingredients—just your typical brushes and eyeshadows.


Kim Possible

Grab a black turtleneck and your makeup bag–because that's all you need to bring a Kim Possible costume to life.


God is a Woman

Youtube makeup sensation James Charles walks you through exactly how to recreate Ariana Grande's makeup look from her God is a Woman music video.


Wakanda Forever

Why buy a Black Panther mask when you can create a super-glam iteration using makeup you already own?


Supermodel Glow

If you and your best friend are planning on being Gigi and Bella, try your hand at this Bella Hadid-inspired supermodel makeup tutorial.


Baddie Marie Antoinette

Fenty Beauty's resident makeup artist Priscilla Ono breaks down how to use all Fenty products to create a metallic take on Marie Antoinette makeup.


Fear Factor

If you like your Halloween dark and scary, watch this terrifying witch doctor makeup tutorial from Desi Perkins.


Riverdale Glam

It's all about shades of red in this Cheryl Blossom-inspired beauty tutorial. Pair it with a long, red wig–or if you're a natural redhead, even better.

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