Tried And Tested: LoLa Brows In Dubai

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Jun 19 2016 / 18:25 PM

Browsing for a new way to frame your face, without resorting to the needle? Bazaar tries an innovative, pain-free way to go

Tried And Tested: LoLa Brows In Dubai

HD brows, Wunderbrows, semi-permanent tattoos, brow blading – the options to enhance one of the most important elements to your visage are dizzying, and dedicated brow bars are popping up all over the world to accommodate them. There’s no denying that, thanks to the likes of CaKe and co (that would be Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner as one fashion and beauty force, obvs), the quest for perfect eyebrows is big business.

If only you could get long-lasting results without the careful consideration and commitment it takes before opting for the needle… Thankfully, following a recent visit by Bazaar to Dubai salon stalwart, Sisters Beauty Lounge, we discovered a way to up your game that offers just that. ‘LoLa Brows’, trademarked by British brow and lash extension experts Lash Perfect, is a brush on treatment that can be created in a truly bespoke way, by using gel pigments to match the specific colouring of each client, similar to the way in which a colourist would in a hair salon. Described by our therapist as “like gel nail polish for eyebrows, applied using a fine wand coating both existing hairs and the skin underneath”, we were a little apprehensive about leaving with a result on the ‘heavily applied’ side, and dare we say peel-off style removal – but we needn’t have on either count.

Within thirty pain-free minutes we were done, and with fuller, ‘finished’ looking brows that seemed completely natural to the eye. Their defined shape and style was instantly water- and smudge-proof looking polished practically 24-hours a day. And the best part of all? LoLa Brows last for up to three weeks, when the product begins to naturally fade, or alternatively can be removed by a therapist at any time beforehand. Highbrow beauty maintenance for low maintenance girls. - Elle Timms

LoLa Brows(from Dhs200) is available at Sisters Beauty Lounge at The Dubai Mall and selected branches. Call +971 4 339 8500 for more information