BAZAAR Reviewed Huda Beauty's 'Mercury Retrograde' Eyeshadow Palette

BY Sara AlHumiri / Nov 21 2019 / 13:15 PM

18 galactic shades to create an 'infinite' number of eye makeup looks, how could we resist?

BAZAAR Reviewed Huda Beauty's 'Mercury Retrograde' Eyeshadow Palette

On this week's 'BAZAAR Beauty Review',  we tried out the new eyeshadow palette on everyone's lips: Huda Beauty's Mercury Retrograde palette. Made up of 18 incredible galactic inspired colours, this eyeshadow palette is very different from her previous releases such as the New Nudes palette. The palette features bold colours, sparkling shimmers and a blendable nudes but what really caught our eye were the vivid shades of mint green, royal purple and barbie pink which we were dying to play with. 

The theme of the former Harper's BAZAAR Arabia cover star's release was all about space with the goal of delivering galactic hues that rendered an infinite number of of possibilities. This beauty product consists of nine buttery mattes, six high-shine creamy metallics with saturated electrifying pearls, one high-octane glitter powder charged with glass pearls and silver sparkles and two sheer multi-reflective shadows for a multidimensional glow.

With so many options, there really were 'infinite possibilities' to create oustanding eye makeup looks.

The Harper's BAZAAR Arabia beauty team started out testing out some of the bolder shades of the sought-after palette, and the dazzling shimmers; because how can anyone resist? After all, it is the festive season. So more is more when it comes to colour and sparkle this time of year!

Scroll through to find out what we thought about this new November beauty buy... 

Kasia Truscott

Digital Intern

Product Name: Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Palette

Favourite Shades: Off Balance, Cosmic and Supermoon

Why you loved it: So. Much. Glitter! Honestly, I was in love with this palette from the second I opened it. Aside from the fact that there’s such a beautiful array of colours to play around with, each matte shade is highly pigmented (a few strokes is all you need), while the shimmer shades provide you with an incredibly radiant finish that is seriously just out of this world - pun intended, of course. If you’re looking for the perfect party palette this holiday season, then rest assured, because Huda Beauty’s Mercury Retrograde Palette has you covered.

Place to wear/what looks best: I’m definitely reaching for this palette when I want something sparkly a night out. That being said, there are a few matte shades that you could use to add a bright pop of colour to an everyday outfit if you’re feeling bold and experimental. I’d definitely make use of the shimmer shades to highlight the inner corner/eyelid and really make your eyes pop.

Other beauty products you could’ve used with this palette: As you can probably see, I doused myself in highlighter for this shimmery look - partly because I love it, but also partly because it complements the shine of this palette really well. For this look, I used the Off Balance shade as a base, then used Cosmic to highlight the centre of the eyelid and continued to buff outwards. To top it off, I used Supermoon to illuminate the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone before complementing it with the Watt’s Up Highlight Stick from Tarte Cosmetics.

Sara AlHumiri

Digital Intern

Product Name: Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Palette 

Favourite Shades: Haze, Mercury and Offbalance

Why you loved it: The pigment was well and truly 'out of this world.' I loved the colour scheme of the palette to begin with, because I enjoy playing with more unique colours for my eye-shadow looks; so this palette was totally made for me. I really enjoyed the fact that there are so many looks I could create with just one palette, even if I wanted to have a more laidback make-up day, shades such as Off Balance, Crash and Karma would let me create those more subtle looks. For this statement look, I mainly used the mint-green shade, Haze. This bright blue was a colour I loved having all over my lid, and the texture was very soft and easy to use. It only took me a couple of brush strokes to get this pigmented effect! 

Place to wear/what looks best: If you're feeling brave, you can totally wear looks from this palette absolutely everywhere. I feel like some of the shimmers are quite saturated and would be best for nights-out or more formal events. But if you want to go for a bold monochromatic matte eye, use shades like Haze, Utopia or Libra to make a statement at work or play!

Other beauty products you could’ve used with this palette: I went for a more matte look for the rest of my face with this bold lid. I felt like a good, strong brow was necessary to further draw accentuate my eyes (which will definitely be the centre of attention). I used Fenty Beauty's new Brow MVP in the shade brown for my brows, and Laura Mercier's translucent setting powder to keep any shine at bay.

Cost: Dhs278