BAZAAR Reviews Tarte's New Winter Wonderglam Collection

BY Sara AlHumiri / Dec 17 2019 / 14:05 PM

Our make-up is beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

BAZAAR Reviews Tarte's New Winter Wonderglam Collection

This week, BAZAAR explores a festive face of make-up thanks to Tarte's latest drop.

Winter has officially arrived, and Christmas is only a week away, which also means a lot party invites. And what better time of year to get a little more inventive with your make-up skills that the season of sequins and sparkles. 

Christmas has come early at Tarte Cosmetics HQ. The cruelty-free make-up brand recently launched three new product bundles in celebration of the holidays: a luxe eyeshadow palette, a 'cheek wardrobe', and a lipgloss set (which make the cutest tree ornaments, by the way). 

If you're looking for any last-minute gifts, these Tarte products would make for the perfect present. But, if you're shopping for yourself, (which you defnitely should) the Winter Wonderglam eyeshadow palette has a colour-scheme that lends itself to the party season.

Team BAZAAR tried and tested these products, all in the name of beauty, of course. Take a look at what we thought... 

Kasia Truscott

Digital Intern

Product Name: Tarte Cosmetics Winter Collection: Winter Wonderglam, Snowflake Lipgloss, Gold Stack

Why you loved it: The Wonderglam Palette was absolutely stunning - exactly the right balance of nude, gold and silver shades for looks that could work seamlessly from day to night. And, of course, for those with more of a an experimental edge, there was a really great selection of more colourful options (and plenty of glitter) if you really wanted to go all out. My personal favourites are Party Time and Velvet Ribbon, the latter of which I’m wearing here.

As for the blush kit, I was pleasantly surprised - the pigment gave my cheeks a really lovely rosy colour which, being quite pale, was a pretty big blessing. There was also a really lovely highlight and a shimmery blush for when I felt like glamming myself up a bit, which I particularly loved because it was subtle enough to give just the right amount of illumination without compromising the overall au natural aesthetic.

Speaking of, the Snowflake lipgloss was probably my favourite product from this entire collection. It was provided a really smooth, clear-coloured coat with subtle hints of an iridescent shimmer that, when it caught in the right lighting, did indeed make your lips sparkle like a snowflake. Let’s just say that this lip fit will be enjoying the comforts of a very special place in my purse from now on.

Place to wear/what looks best: The obvious answer here would be for an ultra-glam festive fête, but I think that you could just as easily play around with some of the lighter shades for an elegant everyday look. Playing around with some of the nude shades and the silver/gold shimmers could make for a super chic ‘no make-up make-up’ look.

Other beauty products you could’ve used with this collection: This collection has pretty much everything you need to complete your look - which is amazing! If you’re opting for a bolder look with your eyeshadow, I’d recommend going heavy on the eyelashes to really make your eyes pop. Tarte Cosmetic’s Big Ego Mascara is a really great option that provides your lashes with a full, but natural looking coat in just a few strokes - plus, it’s vegan and entirely cruelty free!

Price: Eyeshadow palette (Dhs245), Cheek Wardrobe (Dhs145 each), Lip Ornament Lipglosses (Dhs135)

Sara AlHumiri 

Digital Intern

Product Name: Tarte Cosmetics Winter Collection: Winter Wonderglam, Cuddle Lipgloss, Rose Gold Stack

Why you loved it: I personally loved this holiday collection from Tarte. Not only was the packaging absolutely adorable, but the make-up really delivered! I started off by using the eyeshadow palette on my lids, mostly focusing on the golden shimmers and warm nudes. The palette offers 24 shades, giving you the ability to create as many looks as you want, and it even comes with a mini eye-liner, mascara and eyeshadow brush. I think this palette would make a great gift for anyone who's a make-up beginner, but enjoys bold looks. Although the shimmers had a lot of fall-out, they were very pigmented! (Make-up tip: always start with eyes first.)

The next product I tried out was the cheek wardrobe in Rose-Gold. The bronzer and blush shades worked with my skintone very well, and I loved how compact the packaging was. It's super helpful if I'm on the go!

Last, but most definitely not least, the Lipgloss Ornaments. I loved the lipgloss shades that Tarte offered, and how comfortable/durable the gloss was. Glitter on my eye-lids, and my lips - that's how you really show your holiday cheer.

Place to wear/what looks best: It goes without saying, but I'd wear these products at any Christmas/Festive events I have coming up. Especially the eye-shadow palette! I already love using the shine-cheek wardrobe everyday, it's my new go-to face make-up. 

Other beauty products you could’ve used with this collection: With this collection, all you really need to complete the look is your own signature foundation or concealer. The collection already offers most of the basics, so you won't have to worry about synchronising your looks! 

Price: Eyeshadow palette (Dhs245), Cheek Wardrobe (Dhs145 each), Lip Ornament Lipglosses (Dhs135)