The Doctor Behind Some Of Hollywood's Most Beautiful Faces Reveals His Sculpting Secrets

BY Hana Barhoush Dalloul / May 14 2018 / 20:52 PM

Bazaar speaks to Dr. Garo Kassabian ahead of his trip to Dubai

The Doctor Behind Some Of Hollywood's Most Beautiful Faces Reveals His Sculpting Secrets

Dr. Garo Kassabian is known for lifting, brightening and contouring many famous faces (the Kardashians have been photographed in his clinic). Everyone leaves his office looking well rested and fresh. Although he is a plastic surgeon, he can work wonders using only injectables. Having completed three fellowships specialising in face/breast/body sculpting, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and laser and hair transplantation, this man definitely knows his stuff. We caught up with the Los Angeles based doctor ahead of his upcoming visit to Dubai, from 23 to 26 May.

What are some common mistakes people make with injectables?
The most common mistake patients make with injectables is having someone inexperienced administer the injections. To create the most natural result, you have to use the right product, the right tools and the right technique. And all of this comes down to training. I was one of the first plastic surgeons to integrate injectables into my practice and I immediately saw the benefit that injectables could provide my patients as a complementary product with a full spectrum of options.

How do you use injectables to contour and highlight features?
After studying the different ways that all of the injectables work for different concerns, I found that by creating a technique to sculpt a jawline using a specific filler, I could customise each individual’s procedure to target their concerns and improve their overall appearance. By working with their existing structure and improving the contours through a sculpt-and-stay technique, I could noticeably change the contours of the patient in one office visit. By using my signature tools instead of the traditional needle technique, I create a comfortable experience for the patient during the process, without the downtime that comes with bruising and bleeding from a sharp needle.

What do you advise for people looking to have their under eye dark circles removed?
It really depends on why the patient is experiencing the darkness under the eye. Most people that come to me with dark circles are really dealing with a loss of volume in the area under the eye. The veins, fat pockets and bone in the undereye area are showing through the thin skin causing irregularities and hollowness, resulting in shadows and darkness. This type of volume loss under the eye can leave patients looking tired and older. Of course, this can be addressed through a few of my signature surgical procedures, but I wanted to create a nonsurgical procedure for my patients with immediate results, without downtime, therefore, I developed Eyebright. This nonsurgical procedure uses a specific filler to fill in the hollowness under the eye and create a softer, more youthful look in just one office visit, with minimal downtime and immediate results.

Why is jaw contouring becoming so popular?
They have done studies showing that the common denominator in some of the most beautiful people in the world is their defined jawline. Whether you have lost the defined jawline through aging or were born with a weaker chin or jawline structure, this can really affect your appearance. With the trends in beauty focused on perfect contouring, I wanted to develop something that would allow my patients to have those sculpted contours without the heavy makeup, so whether they were on a beach or the red carpet, they had the same beautiful look.
I developed the Game Change as an alternative to surgery for those patients who wanted a contoured jawline in one office visit, customised to their individual look and needs.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start using injectables but is nervous to try them?
I would tell them to go to someone who has the training and experience, and look at their before/after images. Ask questions. Find out about their background and qualifications. It is important to work with a seasoned medical expert who has the experience and qualifications to understand the complexity of the products they are using and how to properly use them to get the best results possible, with minimal downtime and the most natural results.

What can patients do to delay using injectables?
A daily skincare routine and regular facial treatments are key. Including sunscreen in your daily regimen is important, but also a lifestyle that includes proper hydration and avoiding smoking and other issues that can have a negative impact on the skin is key.

Even if you do a surgical or nonsurgical cosmetic procedure, you should always be treated to the best skincare and treatments to maintain the highest quality of glowing, beautiful skin. I think people have this idea that if you do a cosmetic procedure, you don’t have to take care of your skin. That just isn’t true. The real secret is doing both, so you can maintain the beauty and prevent premature aging.

What are your most popular treatment/procedure?
For nonsurgical, I would say it is Eyebright and Game Changer jawline contouring and cheek contouring, and our perfect pout lip augmentations. Of course, the liquid facelift and necklift will always be one of our most popular for anyone that wants to address the signs of aging.
For surgical, I would say my Scarless Facelift, hands down. Second only to body sculpting.

Harper's Bazaar Arabia Tried and Tested
Beauty columnist Hana Barhoush Dalloul tested the Eyebright and Game Changer treatments

I loved how adding definition to my jawline made me look more chiseled and sculpted than I have in years. After the Eyebright treatment, my eyes were noticeably much brighter and fresher. It was so good that I didn't need to use concealer as much and an added benefit, the wrinkles under my eyes were smoother. The only disadvantage is the pricey cost associated with both treatments which varies from person to person depending on how much filler is used.   

Dr. Kassabian will be in Dubai from 23-26 May  at Cosmesurge. To book an appointment you can call his Beverly Hills office at +1-310-779-9397 or Whatsapp +1-310-779-9397.