How To Not Totally Mess Up Your Lashes When Getting Falsies

BY Danae Mercer / Oct 6 2019 / 12:34 PM

Plus tips to keep them healthy once you do

How To Not Totally Mess Up Your Lashes When Getting Falsies

We’ve all seen the horror snaps on Instagram of short, stumpy, damaged lashes after someone gets a bad case of extensions. Here Myla Acha Pascua, eyelash trainer at Tips and Toes, reveals just how to keep your lashes healthy even as you go full-on Bambi.

I’ve used a dodgy lash person in the past and it damaged my lashes. What do I need to know?

“Make sure the lash technician doesn’t apply more than one natural lash to any false lash,” says Pascua.

Also lashes need to be applied somewhere dry and air conditioned. “Applying lashes somewhere humid makes the drying process harder and lashes fall out earlier.”

I’ve picked my lashes out. Is this bad?

“Yes! More often than not, you’re not just pulling off a false lash. You’re pulling out your natural lash with it,” says Pascua.

“Go to a salon to get them removed.”

I’ve heard Russian lashes damage my lashes because they’re a lot of weight on one. Is this true?

The Russian lashes themselves don’t damage your own lashes, says Pascua — but leaving them on for too long without a touchup can. “The lash grows away from the root and the remaining glue can become too heavy, breaking the lash off.” The solution, she says, is getting your lashes done by a professional. Regular touch-ups are important too.

Do lash serums actually work?

“Surprisingly they do, if used as advised.” They add to the health and fullness.

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