How To Rejuvenate Your Hair After Extensions

BY Sarah Garden / Jun 3 2018 / 19:11 PM

Give damaged locks some TLC

How To Rejuvenate Your Hair After Extensions

Extensions give your hair length, thickness, volume, and all-round va va voom. It’s the easy way to fake strong, luscious locks. But behind that gorgeous looking mane, there’s one reality that all of us extension-lovers have to face – they damage your hair.

Whichever option you go for, there is going to be some damage, ranging from very mild to extreme, depending on the extension type and how well you care for them. So we decided to take a break from bonds, clips, rings, weaves and tape, and go au-natural for a few months, after a serious hair health kick.

The Salon
We visited Pastels Salon for extension removal, as well as a treatment, cut and colour refresh. As the salon specialises in multiple different types of extensions, the team are experts on tending to tired tresses.

Hair extension specialist Alourdes gently removed each of the keratin bonds – this process takes quite a long time as each one has to be removed carefully so as not to cause any more damage. The tape is much quicker to remove.

Damage Assessment
At the sides of the head (where keratin bonds were placed), there was some breakage. We found that the section of hair at the back with tape extensions had significantly less damage. Overall, our hair wasn’t in bad condition, but it could certainly do with a break to thicken up a bit.

Cut & Colour
We switched over to Jessica for the rest of the appointment, and we discussed a cut and colour that would make up for our lack of length. We decided on a very straight, blunt cut in order to keep weight at the bottom of the hair, and adding some baby highlights near the root of the hair to brighten slightly without causing damage.

Toning & Treatment
Jessica used a toner on our hair to give the original colour a refresh, without having to go over it again with any harsh chemicals. She followed up with a moisturising treatment to give or mane some much-needed r&r.

Considering how stressful it is for an extension-lover to be without a full head of hair, we loved the new look. We left the salon with more a subtle Bridget Bardot blonde than we arrived with, and medium-length tousled (and more importantly healthy) hair.

We’ll be back to the extensions in a few months, but this is definitely exactly what our tired locks needed.

Haircare after extensions

Hair extensions and removal price on consultation. T-section highlights from Dhs405,