BAZAAR's Beauty Interns Tried The New Huda Beauty Tantour And This Is What They Thought

BY Olivia Atembina / Jun 12 2019 / 19:57 PM

Exactly what we think of the beauty mogul's latest product drop

BAZAAR's Beauty Interns Tried The New Huda Beauty Tantour And This Is What They Thought

Whenever former BAZAAR cover star Huda Kattan launches a new product, it has our attention. The self-made millionaire recently dropped the new Huda Beauty Tantour Contour and Bronzer, and we decided to put it to the test. 

Firstly, what exactly does 'Tantour' mean? It is a hybrid product, which combines the shadows and warmth from traditional contouring and the luminous glow from a bronzing, as explained the beauty blogger-turned-entrepreneur. 

The texture is a mix between a mousse and a cream, which reportedly makes for better application and effortless blending. Always pushing the beauty boundaries, Huda wanted to offer a product that went one step further than a traditional contouring product. 

And so, two of our BAZAAR interns, who have different skin tones from fair to medium-brown, gave this latest product drop a week-long whizz around the beauty block. Ahead, exactly what we think of the new Huda Beauty Tantour Contour and Bronzer...

Abhiti Dudeja: Fashion & Beauty Assistant

Shade: Fair

Skin Type: Dry

Before                                                                                                                   After

"I think this might officially be my go-to beauty product for the summer. Like many other girls, I love painting my face; I find it majorly therapeutic. And the Huda Beauty Tantour Contour and Bronzer honestly ticks all the boxes. I tried the product using their newly launched Huda Beauty Sculpt and Shade Brush, which comes with two sides: a smaller end to sculpt and the bigger end to shade. I first picked up product with the smaller end of the brush and applied it on the bridges of my nose, along my jawline and most importantly into the hollows of my cheeks. Then, I used the bigger side to buff it all in and made sure there were no harsh lines present."

"This brush is D.R.E.A.M.Y. It's extremely soft on the skin, which helped me to blend seamlessly and leave no harsh lines."

"The Tantour was super easy to work with and blended beautifully into my skin. It also gave me a slight tan and lasted throughout the whole day (yes, even in these torrid temps!). Personally, I do wish there were a few more shades in the range because for my complexion I would have to mix fair and light to have the perfect hue, so an additional shade between those would have been perfect for me."


Olivia Atembina: Digital Junior Assistant

Shade: Medium

Skin type: Combination

Before                                                                                                                          After

"The Tantour was both alien and fascinating at the same time. I was first struck by its appearance - it resembles chocolate pudding (in the best way, of course), and unlike most tubular products, it comes in a jar-like container, which makes it really easy to open and handle."

"At a first glance at the texture, I was afraid it wouldn't blend it out well because it looked super thick and creamy texture (this is coming from a powder contour user!), but the product glided smoothly across my skin and created the exact shadows and structure I was going for. It even gave me a slight bronzed glow, which was a total bonus. I used shade 'medium', which was ideal for my skin tone."

"Would I recommend this product? 100%!"