3 Incredible Facts That Prove Fragrances Are The Best Valentine’s Day Gift

Rasasi, Perfume, Fragrance, Valentine's Day
We are so guilty of number 3!

Rasasi, one of the region’s leading fragrance houses, share three reasons why gifting your loved one perfume on Valentine’s Day is total failsafe.

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Fragrances can make you fall in love…
54 percent of Emiratis associate perfume and fragrance with feelings of love. The association was strongest amongst young people aged 25-29-years (56 percent) and those aged 40-years and over (55 percent).

Perfume boots your confidence…
68 percent of respondents said that perfume made them feel more self-assured and happy.

It plays an important role for married couples…
66 percent stated that they often wear perfumes that their spouses like - this sentiment is split between men (54 percent) and women (56 percent).

Rasasi has over 165 stores across the GCC and worldwide, including UAE, Bahrain, India, Oman, KSA and Kuwait


Rasasi, Perfume, Fragrance, Valentine's Day